We only deliver the most accurate and relevant information to you; everything done perfectly, in your best interest.
We generally close a deal in less than 30 days, We guarantee that this process will be over with before you know it; no headaches!
Making sure the deal is safe is a top priority for me; We are someone you can trust completely; someone who only works to get the best results for you.
We will make this process fast and easy for you; there’s no need to stress over the complications and legal procedures.
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Seller Stories

"Willem is really nice and really funny. He gave a lot of useful advice and from the start to end knew exactly what he was doing. It was also very fast and efficient – we ended up selling our house in just weeks."
Mia, Seller | San Francisco Bay Area
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Why Choose Willem

I will provide you with the optimal mix of strategies to market your property. I will make sure you are fully informed and use all available resources to make the best decisions given the market conditions and circumstances.
I am committed to you. I will be on your side every step of the way: always keeping in touch and answering your questions and concerns.
Personalized Approach
Your house is unique. I fully respect this and will work closely with you to customize a marketing plan specific to your property, honor its strengths, and highlight its distinctiveness.
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Hire Willem

“Professional”, “Trustworthy”, “Efficient”: those are the keywords my past clients associate me with. Contact me, and I promise you I will deliver astonishing results! Even if you are unsure of your decision to buy or sell, I could always see if I can help you in some way or another. I am looking forward to hearing from you!
Listing Process
Find A Real Estate Agent
We know selling a home can be more emotional than buying one, and we’ll leverage our experience and market know-how to ease you through the process.
Learn Your Home's Market Value
We’ll create CMA which will help determine a competitive listing price that will attract buyers and drive maximum interest.
List Your Home
A listing agreement gives us permission to advertise and handle the sale of your house. It also covers the basic terms of our mutual commitment.
Make it Shine
The general idea is to keep the property clean and presentable, so it is ready for sale at any given moment. Some suggestions include necessary cleaning and adding adornments or embellishments to add an extra bit of appeal.
Market Your Home
We want to maximize your property so you can receive the best price. To do that, I will identify which improvements you should make to your home, and I can recommend service providers to help get the work done.
Negotiate The Best Price
We will negotiate on your behalf and do everything we can to get you the best price. We will need a detailed plan beforehand, carefully going over your expectations, and how those expectations may or may not be compromised given the market conditions.
Close Escrow
If all goes well - Congratulations! You have made it to the Closing day. Every transaction should conclude with a final walk-through inspection that includes the buyer to ensure all home services are canceled and packing finished.
Common Question
Why I need an agent?
What is your motivation? Why do you want to sell your property? It is very important for us to be clear about selling intentions so that we could tailor your specific needs. Some common reasons for selling include moving for work, intending to buy a larger property, a significant lifestyle change etc. Let me know more about your intentions so we can ensure we align with your needs and your real estate goals.
我们深知不是每一次服务体验都完美得无可挑剔。我们会尽最大努力满足您的需求,提供定制写作。 如果出现类似问题,例如定制写作完全不对,您可以提交退款申请。我们的首要任务是为您提供定制写作服务,但如果没有全部实现,我们将针对性地考虑每种情况,如果我们没有提供最佳协助,我们将全额退款。
Willem Huang is a residential and commercial real estate agent based in the California, inculding Bay area, San Jose, Irvine and San Gabriel area. Aside from the Real Estate business, Willem is also a successful entrepreneur. His background also significantly plays to his advantage, bettering marketing strategies, and offering multi-perspective advice for clients.
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